[Samba] DC site replication issue ?

Sketch smblist at rednsx.org
Mon Mar 6 21:37:47 UTC 2017

On Mon, 6 Mar 2017, Mircea Husz via samba wrote:

> It also means that the lack of timestamp I observe is not necessarily
> due to the timezone difference.

NTP uses UTC, so timezones are irrelevant as far as time syncronization 
goes.  Samba and NT both likely use UTC internally (likely epoch time) as 

> I'm still wondering if anyone is seeing a timestamps in the outbound
> neigbhors list.

No, I don't think I've never seen timestamps in the outbound neighbors 
list.  The fact that I do see them in the inbound list on the other side 
makes me think things are working properly, and it's just a reporting 

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