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>From Cuba i'm support samba4 100% particularly, effort and dedication of
his team and all involved in one way or another.


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Asunto: [Samba] Good Bye SAMBA?!?!?
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Hi list

I am sad, today! I start to study how windows deal with CIFS, Active
Directory and DFS, I just decide follow the other path!
I will give a try to windows tools....
The question is: why Linux doesn t have such tools to help and improve
server deployments?!?
Everything will be easier than go to linux console and try and try and try
and nothing happen!

So, for now on, I will use Windows tool in my servers...
I know many of you guys, just love Linux... I also love Linux, but came on!
We have a hard way to do thing works properly...

In Windows everything is just forward straight ahead.....

Sorry! But it's time to shift!

Or, perhaps, I am just do wrong things all this time....

BTW, I will give a try to other ways....

Sorry for outburst!


Gilberto Ferreira
+55 (47) 9676-7530
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