[Samba] Point-and-Print driver installation asks for confirmation on current Windows

Olivier BILHAUT obilhaut at fondation-misericorde.fr
Mon Sep 12 08:31:21 UTC 2016


Hi all. 

I have read carefully all your posts and I am glad to see
that some of you workaround this new MS surprise... 

To solve the
problem, I understand that : 

 	* if you use the "AD way of deploying
printers", the workaround is to use the "Computer
ConfigurationPoliciesAdministrative TemplatesPrintersOverride Print
Driver Compatibility Execution Setting Reported By Print Driver"
 	* You
can change the printers drivers for new drivers which handle "driver
isolation" (or change the .inf by yourself)
 	* On windows 7 sp1, you
can also remove the KB3170435, we actually work on a script to do that
if required

But when you are on this situation : 

 	* Using a
home-made script for deploying printer connections (not the
administrative templates)
 	* Using old drivers who do NOT and would
NEVER handle "driver isolation"
 	* Changing the .inf of all the drivers
is NOT an option (constructors have not yet released such officials

We cannot find any solution for this situation except removing
the KB itself. 

Note that the "point-and-print" GPO option
(Computer/User) do not solve the problem, even using the FQDN name of
the printer server. Particulary for the UPDATE of the printer driver. We
always get the security prompt, forever ! 

If some of them are in the
same situation and manage to find a workaround, I pay a beer :) 

now, we are about to remove the KB using a script. 

Cheers and thanks
to all ! 


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