[Samba] Cannot print from Win7 AD client

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Wed Sep 14 14:21:23 UTC 2016

I run a samba 4.1.17-Debian DC (and secondary, same version) and a print 
server (same samba version, CUPS 1.7.5). I can log in to the domain from 
all Linux and Windows machines. I can print through the print server 
from all Linux and WinXP machines (not member!).

I recently have trouble printing from a Win7 Ultimate VM. This may be 
due to a reboot of the whole cluster after a power fail.

Printing in Win7 seems to work. The job is queued, but is apparently 
never sent to the print member server. Opening any dialogs concerning 
the printer takes fairly long. No error messages pop up anywhere, 
neither any firewall logs of blocked packages.

Any idea where to start searching?

Kind regards,
  - lars.

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