[Samba] web admin ui for samba AD

David Bear dwbear75 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 17:03:12 UTC 2016

On 09/12/2016 01:17 PM, Jeff Sadowski via samba wrote:
> This thread has me thinking about good ways to use python with web pages.
> Maybe php or just flat HTML for the main page and have python work with cgi
> to pass information with json's using AJAX
> Any thoughts on this?
cgi is probably not what you want to do
I doubt you want to make things complex by mixing php and python.
If you have not written stuff in python, you may find you like it better
than php. I suggest you take a look at pyramid, or flask as one of
python web frameworks. Probably flask would be good choice.

I have thought about writing web UI to do most of what an account
operator would do with the aduc tool. So -- if anyone wants to start a
project doing using one of the python web frameworks, please announce it
on this list. I would love to participate.

I have tried looking at the python api for samba-tool and there is too
much old information on the web about how to use it so I gave up.
Perhaps writing a webui using that api would be good we to get it

(but then its been more than a year since I last looked for
documentation on how to use the python samba api, maybe its changed)

> I started using php many years ago and always ended up using php itself the
> same way with an HTML page heavy with javascript that made ajax calls to
> update itself from other php pages using ajax.
> Maybe php for authentication with COOKIES?

David Bear

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