[Samba] Issue with Samba4 and Active Directory 2008R2

Ron Short short at sgi.com
Fri Sep 2 03:55:18 UTC 2016

We are attempting to connect a RHEL 6.8 server running Samba4/Winbind to 
a Windows 2008R2 Active Directory.

We can make the connections, see the server in the "computers" section 
of the AD.  We have been able to establish valid Kerberos connections 
and can establish a trust relationship.

When we run the wbinfo utility we are able to retrieve group 
information, information pertaining to the DC, information pertaining to 
the domain, but we receive nothing back from the wbinfo -u command.

Also we have not setup the Samba4 server as a DC, nor do we want to.

Looking for possible areas to examine.


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