[Samba] We need to change our AD domain

Roland Gruber post at rolandgruber.de
Thu Sep 1 17:30:39 UTC 2016

Hi John,

no problem.

If anybody else is experiencing issues just let me know and I will be
happy to work on a fix.

Best regards


On 31.08.2016 23:26, John Gardeniers via samba wrote:
> I'm happy to leave things as they are. As I can see no advantage in
> using LAM I won't be following it up. After all, it makes no sense to
> have an AD environment without at least one Windows client, so to my
> mind it makes sense to use the native AD tools, which have a far better
> understanding of AD than a generic LDAP tool.
> regards,
> John
> On 31/08/16 17:54, mj via samba wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> This is strange. We have used LAM in the past on our samba4 AD, and
>> lately we are using (mostly) ADUC, and partially still LAM. We have
>> never seen the behaviour you describe below.
>> My suggestion would be: Talk to the LAM author Roland Gruber. In our
>> experience he is very open for feedback about bugs and suggestions.
>> If there is a problem in LAM as you describe it, I am positive that
>> Roland would like to get it resolved.
>> Best regards,
>> MJ
>> On 08/30/2016 11:29 PM, John Gardeniers via samba wrote:
>>> WARNING: Do not use LAM to write to Samba 4 AD if you also want to use
>>> the Windows tools. I tried that during my testing phase and found that
>>> afterwards I was unable to use the Windows ADUC tool with that domain.
>>> Any attempt to edit anything resulted in an error message telling me
>>> that it couldn't write the data. I repeated the experiment a few times
>>> and always got the same result.
>>> regards, John
>>> On 30/08/16 18:25, lists via samba wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Another tool that could be of help, since it has various import and
>>>> export options, is:
>>>> https://www.ldap-account-manager.org/lamcms/
>>>> mj

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