[Samba] Recommended DNS configuration on Domain Controllers causes share by IP name to fail

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Nov 30 14:37:23 UTC 2016

On Wed, 30 Nov 2016 14:32:08 +0100
"L.P.H. van Belle via samba" <samba at lists.samba.org> wrote:

> Your correct, the wiki is wrong. 
> Preconditions
> This line should be changed.
> Verify that the host name in /etc/resolv.conf resolves to the network
> IP and not to (localhost).
> To : 
> Verify that the host name in /etc/hosts resolves to the network IP
> and not to (localhost). And
>     localhost localhost.localdomain
>     DC2.samdom.example.com     DC2 


> DNS Resolving. Is correct, the name server is pointing to the first
> DC. 
> And i would suggest, 
> before the Verify the DNS Entries. 
> Add a "Reboot the server, wait a few min, depending on the samba AD
> DB size." 

Now I really read the DC joining page, there a few things that need
fixing, 'Verify the DNS Entries' comes before 'Starting the Samba
Service' for instance.

> Now proceed with the dns checks and database replications. 
> I dont know it this are all fixed in the comming 4.5.2, but in lots
> of cases, the the DNS resolving doesnt work, the needed records are
> not created at startup of samba. But after a reboot this works most
> of the time. 
> And this part. 
> DNS Configuration on Domain Controllers.
> If you are running more than two DCs, you can configure the IPs in
> crosswise direction. Add: but only after you joined the server,
> rebooted at least 1-2 times and you checked the dns entries and ad
> database replication. 

This is where we disagree, 'islanding' seems to have been a problem
with 2000, later versions shouldn't have this problem, see here:



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