[Samba] Samba version upgrade!

Metin Koç metinkocgs at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 00:43:51 UTC 2016

Thank you Rowland!

"Stop any running Samba binaries" resolved my problem. Actually I was only stoping Samba4 service before "make install" but this time also stoped named (dns) service as well. After "make install" named was working well but samba given alot of errors when i run ./samba-tool dbcheck

Than I restarted the server and samba came back :)
Nov 20 02:06:19 centdc01.domain.com samba[2067]:   samba version 4.5.1 started

./samba-tool dbcheck
Checked 273 objects (257 errors)

Even though Samba is still working

./samba-tool dbcheck --fix
Checking 273 objects
Checked 273 objects (0 errors)

Thank you very much Rowland!

I have another question that i couldn't add "/usr/local/samba/bin" directory to $PATH. Do you know how to do that?

By the way I'm using CentOS7

Metin Koç

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> Hello,
> I love Samba.. I couldn't find a way to upgrade my AD DC "samba-4.4.7" 
> to "samba-4.5.1" Why it is so complicated? I read alot and I did alot 
> as well but AD is not working
> When I apply https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Updating_Samba AD is not 
> working anymore with AD errors and DNS issues :(
> Just want to upgrade "samba-4.4.7 to samba-4.5.1" PLEASE HELP ME for 
> an easy way to do it

It is fairly simple, you download the Samba tarball and unpack it. you the 'cd' it the Samba dir created, run './configure', then 'make'. Stop any running Samba binaries and then run 'make install'. This should overwrite your existing Samba install, providing you use the same './configure' options as you did with your previous install.

You will have to also make sure you have all the required packages installed to compile Samba, but you should already have these installed from the previous compile.

Having said all that, you are having problems, but it very hard to say why you are having problems, you haven't given us enough info.

What OS ?
What error messages are you getting ?
What isn't working ?


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