[Samba] DC server own hostname must be part of ad dc domain?

Mike Lykov combr at samges.ru
Fri Nov 18 11:41:49 UTC 2016

18.11.2016 15:22, Rowland Penny via samba пишет:

>> root at ad51:~# hostname -f
>> ad51.samges.ru
>> Must I have an $SERV.$ADDOMAIN hostname, like ad51.dc.samges.ru ?
> Yes
>> If I change hostname now, what will happen in AD domain ?
> Your machine will not be found.

But it can be found via DNS, why changing local (for this server) 
hostname affects this?
How to fix it right?

>> Are autogenerated string written bu provision script? Are it needed?
>> (provision was 4.1.9 version)
> No, is DHCP putting it there ?? if your machine is using dhcp to get its
> ip

No, it'a a DC server and it never use a DHCP.

> Yes, you can remove them and in fact, you should remove them, they
> shouldn't be in in /etc/hosts

Ok, I'll try this
But wiki for example 
suggest to add hostname to /etc/hosts:

"Verify that the host name in /etc/resolv.conf resolves to the network 
IP and not to (localhost)."

It only for precondition before join and may be deleted after?

> Yes, provided '' is the ipaddress of an AD DC


Mike Lykov, system administrator

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