[Samba] Replication of permissions on AD Directory not automatic

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 14:17:24 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I've been testing Samba 4.5.1 extensively as an AD DC. We have 3 DC set 
up, and replication of users, groups, OUs, DNS etc has been working fine.

However we wanted to add some custom attributes and a class to the 
schema (an assortment of string and numericalString) for our own 
purposes. This also worked fine (and the Schema replication worked), but 
some oddness happened when we wanted to restrict access to one of these 

The class was added to the "user" AD class as an auxiliary, and then the 
following procedure was used:


To add anonymous access to the Public Information, Phone and Mail, and 
our additional attributes (excepting the restricted one). Then a deny 
ACL for "Everyone" and "Anonymous Logon" was added recursively for the 
restricted attribute at the root of the domain tree on descendent User 

This seemed to work on the server that ADSI edit was connected to when 
tested with ldapsearch, but *not* on the other two DCs. They behaved as 
if no ACLs had been changed. When I connected ADSI edit to the other DCs 
I could see that the ACLs seemed to be present at the domain root, but 
were not propagating down the tree even though the inherit box was 
checked on subordinates.

I had to do:

samba-tool drs replicate s4-dc-01 s4-dc-02 DC=my,DC=ifa,DC=net --full-sync

(where s4-dc-02 was the "working" DC) and all seemed to be fixed, both 
using ldapsearch and ADSI Edit.

Is it a known issue that ACLs aren't completely replicated? Or is it 
that "custom" attributes cause problems with ACLs (even though they are 
applied as auxiliary to the "user" AD class.

Otherwise everything is working 100% correctly (showrepl gives no errors).



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