[Samba] Problems with GPO

lingpanda101 lingpanda101 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 13:46:48 UTC 2016

On 11/2/2016 5:51 PM, Marcio Demetrio Bacci via samba wrote:
> I'm having problems with GPO in Samba 4.2.1
> I created a GPO to Block Control Panel and applied in my Domain OU.
> In desktop client I typed "gpupdate /force" and appear a success message
> that to ask reboot my system. After rebuot the GPO don't work.
> Other GPOs as WSUS update, Wallpaper and others, don't work too.
> Following is the result of command: GPRESULT /H GPResult.html
> GPOs Applied
> Name            Location Link    Revision
> Default Domain Policy    empresa.com.br    AD (1), Sysvol (65535)
> GPOs Denied
> Name                    Location Link                Denial Reason
> Local Group Policies             Location                EMPTY
> {0F1E5B10-3640-4FFE-AA6B-5DE4CFF73625}    empresa.com.br
> Inacessible
> {D65C5B66-A380-48AD-AC8A-DE417173E293}    empresa.comb.br/EMPRESA/SecInfor
> Inacessible
> Wallpaper                empresa.comb.br/EMPRESA/SecInfor    Inacessible
> How can I debug this problem ?
> Regards,
> Márcio

The denial reason Inaccessible usually refers to a permissions problem. 
Verify your user and or computer the GPO applies to has the correct 
permissions. Can you run 'getfacl 
/Policies/{0F1E5B10-3640-4FFE-AA6B-5DE4CFF73625}' and post the results?

- James

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