[Samba] Problems with GPO

Marcio Demetrio Bacci marciobacci at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 21:51:36 UTC 2016

I'm having problems with GPO in Samba 4.2.1

I created a GPO to Block Control Panel and applied in my Domain OU.

In desktop client I typed "gpupdate /force" and appear a success message
that to ask reboot my system. After rebuot the GPO don't work.

Other GPOs as WSUS update, Wallpaper and others, don't work too.

Following is the result of command: GPRESULT /H GPResult.html

GPOs Applied
Name            Location Link    Revision
Default Domain Policy    empresa.com.br    AD (1), Sysvol (65535)

GPOs Denied
Name                    Location Link                Denial Reason
Local Group Policies             Location                EMPTY
{0F1E5B10-3640-4FFE-AA6B-5DE4CFF73625}    empresa.com.br
{D65C5B66-A380-48AD-AC8A-DE417173E293}    empresa.comb.br/EMPRESA/SecInfor
Wallpaper                empresa.comb.br/EMPRESA/SecInfor    Inacessible

How can I debug this problem ?



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