[Samba] Fwd: Not able to join windows 10 clients to samba 3.6.23 NT4 Style PDC

Ram Prasad Bikkina parvathiprasadb at gmail.com
Fri May 27 07:38:12 UTC 2016

Hi Rowland,

Thank you so much for your reply. I understood completely about
NetBIOS domain naming conventions. Ok we will migrate to new domain
name type.

Ram Prasad

On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 12:40 PM, Rowland penny <rpenny at samba.org> wrote:
> On 27/05/16 07:18, Ram Prasad Bikkina wrote:
>> Hi Good Morning,
>> Thank you for everyone and supported me, I struggled a lot to resolve
>> the problem. However I got a solution for joining windows 10 clients
>> to Samba PDC (Samba Version 3.6.23) .
>> I changed workgroup name is from "example.com" to "example" ( I
>> removed "." from workgroup name), then i can able to join windows 10
>> clients to Samba PDC without any other settings.
>> May I know the reason why it is working without "." in workgroup name,
>> Is there any specific reason?
> HI, this is has nothing to do with Samba, it's a windows thing. If you look
> here:
> https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/909264
> Under the heading 'NetBIOS domain names' (note this is another name for
> 'workgroup'), you will find this:
> Names can contain a period (.). However, the name cannot start with a
> period. The use of non-DNS names with periods is allowed in Microsoft
> Windows NT. However, periods should not be used in Active Directory domains.
> If you are upgrading a domain whose NetBIOS name contains a period, change
> the name by migrating the domain to a new domain structure. Do not use
> periods in new NetBIOS domain names.
> This problem has come up before, it may be that Microsoft has tightened up
> on the use of the dot '.' with windows 10.
> Rowland
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