[Samba] Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain '<EXAMPLE.COM>' over rpc: The object name is not found.

Nico Speelman nico at speelmanrobben.nl
Thu May 26 11:48:19 UTC 2016

> OK, then it sounds like a dns problem, can you post the ipaddresses of 
> the DCs, the resolv.conf files from the DCs. You seem to be using Bind9, 
> can you post the conf files for this.
> Can you also post the resolv.conf file and /etc/hosts from the client
> You also seem to have a lot of cruft in the ZUES smb.conf, one line in 
> particular shouldn't be there:
>          unix password sync = Yes
> You cannot have users in /etc/passwd and AD, so how can you sync their 
> passwords ??
> Rowland

Thanks for the help. Pointing me to the bind configuration did it. It still contained some old lines that proved unhelpful. There was an old local file that pointed to some subdomain that is no longer present. Removing this has allowed me to join.

As you already saw the ZEUS smb.conf file also contained some old crud. I'm going to clean this up tonight.

Thanks again,

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