[Samba] smb_set_file_dosmode error: BUG after update to samba4-4.4.2

Robert K. Nelson rnelson at airflowsciences.com
Wed May 25 16:08:09 UTC 2016

On 05/19/2016 01:30 PM, Rowland penny wrote:
> OK, you now have the 'samba' binary that is required for an AD DC and 
> by your own admission, you didn't before.
> So, bearing this in mind, how did you provision your domain without 
> 'samba-tool domain provision' ??
> Rowland
Not sure what you meant by "you didn't before" - actually, I just 
initially gave the wrong repository info. I have always been using the 
one from NiltonOS that allows for AD DC. Still getting the same result 
in the log files.

Here is the result from "samba-tool domain info". Is that what you were 
looking for? If not, let me know what command you want me to run for the 
information you want

Forest           : asc.airflowsciences.com
Domain           : asc.airflowsciences.com
Netbios domain   : ASC
DC name          : ascpc21.asc.airflowsciences.com
DC netbios name  : ASCPC21
Server site      : Default-First-Site-Name
Client site      : Default-First-Site-Name

Again, "samba-tool -V" gives 4.4.3

Thanks so much for your help. Sorry about the delay here in getting back 
to this thread. Medical took precedence over technical, but this is 
quite important to me.

Bob Nelson

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