[Samba] Errors building 3.6.25 after applying security patches

Rob Marshall rob.marshall17 at gmail.com
Tue May 24 13:58:29 UTC 2016


I'm attempting to build 3.6.25 after applying the 16-Dec-2015 and the
12-Apr-2016 patches from samba.org but I'm seeing two issues. First during
autogen.sh I see:

/build/samba/samba-3.6.25/source3 # ./autogen.sh
./autogen.sh: running script/mkversion.sh
./script/mkversion.sh: 'include/version.h' created for Samba("3.6.25")
./autogen.sh: running autoheader -Im4 -I../m4 -I../lib/replace
./autogen.sh: running autoconf -Im4 -I../m4 -I../lib/replace
./autogen.sh: running autoheader in ../examples/VFS/
./autogen.sh: running autoconf in ../examples/VFS/
Compiling ../librpc/idl/dcerpc.idl
../librpc/idl/dcerpc.idl:564: warning: subcontext() is deprecated. Use
represent_as() or transmit_as() instead
error: Unable to determine origin of type `struct ist'
Now run ./configure (or ./configure.developer) and then make.

If I go ahead and run ./configure and make I get:

Compiling lib/access.c
Compiling lib/smbrun.c
make: *** No rule to make target `../lib/util/bitmap.o', needed by
`bin/libnetapi.so.0'.  Stop.

I don't see any other patches listed at samba.org but is there another
patch I'm missing? I can build unpatched 3.6.25 without any errors.



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