[Samba] problem with GPOs after upgrade SAMBA 4.1.6->4.3.9

Micha Ballmann ballmann at uni-landau.de
Tue May 17 19:33:42 UTC 2016

Hello i have a pretty annoying problem.

I upgraded my samba4 active directorie server from version, 4.1.6 to 
4.3.9. At first glance everything was very good-looking. I got no 
problems with user authentication or replication of the domain 
controllers. But then i realized that no client receives any GPO. If i 
watching at the sysvol folder, it also looks pretty fine. All GPOs are 

When I try to connect via RSAT and opening the group policy management, 
all the time i get a message like "das system kann die angegebene datei 
nicht finden" --> i guess in english "the system cannot find the file 
specified". Is interesting to note that the GPOs are displayed in group 
policy management. I can modify, but nothing is working. When im trying 
to export a GPO, i also get an error, like "could not find file".

Thy and bes regards

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