[Samba] How to move a Samba4 installation from one folder to another

Julian Timm X-Dimension at gmx.net
Mon May 16 12:45:22 UTC 2016


We have used Samba 4.1 as an AD-DC for a long time. Our installation based on Ubuntu 12.04 and Zentyal 3.2 Samba packages.
Now we want to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 and a newer Samba version (latest Ubuntu Version is 4.3.9). The problem is, that
Zentyal 3.2 has used /opt/samba4 as installation path before, but all new Samba 4 versions are installed to /var/lib/samba now. 
How can we migrate our Samba 4 installation from /opt/samba4 to /var/lib/samba? Simply move the Samba directory and change the bind9 configuration does not work at all. We use Samba also as a print server and after moving the samba directory all printers and printer drivers are not shown anymore in the Windows printer administration tool.

Can anybody help us to migrate our Samba installation?


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