[Samba] FreeBSD: net/samba43's NSUPDATE

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Wed May 4 19:06:55 UTC 2016

On 05/04/16 20:23, Rowland penny wrote:

(I understand this might be specific to FreeBSD, but I asked on its 
mailing list and got no answer...)

>> Then why is it an option *in alternative* to BIND?
> What do you mean '*in alternative*' ??

I mean when I build Samba port, I can choose NSUPDATE *or* BIND99 *or* 
BIN910 (where "or" means "exclusive or", I can choose at most one).

Those options are described as:
BIND99 = Use bind99 as AD DC DNS server frontend
BIND910 = Use bind910 as AD DC DNS server frontend
NSUPDATE = Use samba NSUPDATE utility for AD DC

Notice this options only serve the purpose of tracking dependencies 
between packages; they do not mess with the way Samba is compiled or 

Choosing NSUPDATE brings in another port/package, named samba-nsupdate 
and described as "nsupdate utility with GSS-TSIG support", which 
installs "/usr/local/bin/samba-nsupdate".

It's man pages starts with:
> samba-nsupdate is used to submit Dynamic DNS Update requests as defined
>        in RFC 2136 to a name server. This allows resource records to be added
>        or removed from a zone without manually editing the zone file. A single
>        update request can contain requests to add or remove more than one
>        resource record.

There's also another option, DNSUPDATE, which is independent of the 
above mentioned three.
It's described as "Dynamic DNS update (require ADS)" and control whether 
--with-dnsupdate or --without-dnsupdate is used in the configuring phase.

Perhaps you are talking about this one?

  bye & Thanks

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