[Samba] access denied with "hide dot files = Yes"

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Thu Jun 2 20:38:04 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 7:58 PM, Jeremy Allison - jra at samba.org <
samba.andwin.dacc010f26.jra#samba.org at ob.0sg.net> wrote:

> > If I understand this correctly, the stored DOS attributes didn't contain
> > the H attribute and this did override (prior to the bug fix) the forced H
> > attribute from "hide dot files = yes". But if this was the case, why did
> > the Windows Explorer show these files then as hidden?
> The stored DOS attributes may or may not have stored
> the H attribute. The problem was that the file name
> was being ignored when deciding whether to return H
> or not - making the parameter non-functional in that
> case.

OK, so it seems that samba additionally sets the H attribute in the stored
DOS attributes when creating a dot file and having set "hide dot files =
yes". So, from a users point of view, the parameter "hide dot files" was
functional prior to bug 11645, too: Create a file beginning with a dot on
the Samba share -> Windows will report that the H attribute is set (using
Btw, the original problem after bug 11645 can be easily reproduced using
Notepad++: Create a file beginning with a dot on the Samba share ("hide dot
files = yes" and "store dos attributes = yes"), edit it with Notepad++ and
you will not be able to save it (Notepad++ will report that it is

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