[Samba] Windows 10 administrative templates /central store with Samba

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jan 21 15:23:01 UTC 2016

Commented inbetween. 

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> Onderwerp: [Samba] Windows 10 administrative templates /central store with
> Samba
> Hi list,
> This might or might not be a Samba related post. Feel free to ignore it
> in case it is too far off-topic
> My current understanding is that ...
> a) I need those new templates in order to fully integrate Win10 clients
> in an AD domain (i.e. with compatible policies).
[L.P.H. van Belle] http://trekker.net/archives/group-policy-downloads/ 

> b) I can only modify policies based on Win10 admx files from Win10
> machines (i.e. with the RSAT tools for Win10).
 [L.P.H. van Belle] Dont know, still win7 here, i did a short test with win10, and i didnt had any problems managing this from a win7 pc. 

> Are there any Samba-related implications or issues on doing that,
> particularly if I follow the MS advice to store those admx files in a
> central store in the SYSVOL (\PolicyDefinitions) folder?
[L.P.H. van Belle] yes, and be sure to make good backups of that folder. 

> Also, are there any implications for existing domains with e.g. Win7
> clients? Is it advised to keep Win7 and Win10 in separate containers?
[L.P.H. van Belle] Nope, once you have win7 and add the win10 int the PolicyDefinitions you can use that also on win7. 

> I remember that somebody here reported issues with his/her existing
> Samba domain after having used the RSAT tools for Win10. But I am not
> able to find this post again. Does somebody remember or is able to tell
> how to avoid such (or other) trouble?
[L.P.H. van Belle] There where and maybe there still are a few problems with the policies, but i think windows had this fixed no. 
If not, google the error message, solution is on the MS site, few small changes. 

> Also, Viktor Trojanovic and Robert Watson reported the same error
> message on administering a domain from Win10 with RSAT in the midst of
> November. Have you been able to understand/solve it?
[L.P.H. van Belle] can answere this one, no win10 rsat tested.
> "Group Policy Management: A processing error occured collecting data
> using this base domain controller. Please change the base domain
> controller and try again."
> Ole
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