[Samba] Windows 10 administrative templates /central store with Samba

Ole Traupe ole.traupe at tu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 21 15:47:17 UTC 2016

Thanks, Louis, commented within.

On 21.01.2016 16:23, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
> Commented inbetween.
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>> Hi list,
>> This might or might not be a Samba related post. Feel free to ignore it
>> in case it is too far off-topic
>> My current understanding is that ...
>> a) I need those new templates in order to fully integrate Win10 clients
>> in an AD domain (i.e. with compatible policies).
> [L.P.H. van Belle] http://trekker.net/archives/group-policy-downloads/
>> b) I can only modify policies based on Win10 admx files from Win10
>> machines (i.e. with the RSAT tools for Win10).
>   [L.P.H. van Belle] Dont know, still win7 here, i did a short test with win10, and i didnt had any problems managing this from a win7 pc.
>> Are there any Samba-related implications or issues on doing that,
>> particularly if I follow the MS advice to store those admx files in a
>> central store in the SYSVOL (\PolicyDefinitions) folder?
> [L.P.H. van Belle] yes, and be sure to make good backups of that folder.
>> Also, are there any implications for existing domains with e.g. Win7
>> clients? Is it advised to keep Win7 and Win10 in separate containers?
> [L.P.H. van Belle] Nope, once you have win7 and add the win10 int the PolicyDefinitions you can use that also on win7.

Will the old templates auto-magically be used for Win7 and the new ones 
for Win10, or how is that working?

So it is not necessary to have separate containers (and policies) for 
Win7 vs. Win10? Ok, I remember seeing things like "This will have no 
effect on OS Windows Vista or newer." in the comments of Policy 
settings. This speaks for a smart integration.

>> I remember that somebody here reported issues with his/her existing
>> Samba domain after having used the RSAT tools for Win10. But I am not
>> able to find this post again. Does somebody remember or is able to tell
>> how to avoid such (or other) trouble?
> [L.P.H. van Belle] There where and maybe there still are a few problems with the policies, but i think windows had this fixed no.
> If not, google the error message, solution is on the MS site, few small changes.

I particiularly remember that somebody claimed to have messed up his/her 
LDAP by managing the Samba domain from Win10. So this wouldn't have 
anything todo with Windows.

>> Also, Viktor Trojanovic and Robert Watson reported the same error
>> message on administering a domain from Win10 with RSAT in the midst of
>> November. Have you been able to understand/solve it?
> [L.P.H. van Belle] can answere this one, no win10 rsat tested.
>> "Group Policy Management: A processing error occured collecting data
>> using this base domain controller. Please change the base domain
>> controller and try again."
>> Ole
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