[Samba] Samba AD with Microsoft Account

Jean-Philippe Steinmetz caskater47 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 05:11:56 UTC 2016

Well I tried using a regular user and no improvement. I was also having
problems creating users using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool
from within Windows. I had to log into the AD and create the user from the
shell directly. I am however able to make changes to existing users and
groups as well as add new groups through the Windows tools.

I've also found some errors with some of the other tools. Is this normal
behavior? I would expect all the RSAT tools work correctly.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Viktor Trojanovic <viktor at troja.ch> wrote:

> No. Like I said, I'm pretty sure Samba's not to blame here.
> I also think that a MS account cannot be linked to any kind of admin
> account - for a good reason. It's the same with Edge or MS Store, they
> won't open on an admin account.
> Create a regular user and try again.
> Viktor

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