[Samba] which DNS backend ?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Feb 28 22:42:02 UTC 2016

Am 28.02.2016 um 23:10 schrieb Rowland penny:
> On 28/02/16 21:56, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Am 28.02.2016 um 22:22 schrieb John Gardeniers:
>>> Thanks Rowland. Perhaps because I expected these basic issues to have
>>> been resolved long ago I never thought to check the SOA records. You are
>>> perfectly correct - the second DC is not listed
>> since when is more than one NS listed in the SOA?
>> http://rscott.org/dns/soa.html
>> MNAME ("Primary NS") - This entry is the domain name of the name
>> server that was the original source of the data (this entry MUST be
>> your primary nameserver). This is your primary nameserver, and MUST be
>> the one and only server that you ever update. You must not update the
>> secondary server(s) -- they will update automatically, based on this
>> the SOA record. Problem? This should be a fully qualified domain name .
> OK, I see where you are coming from, but, this is referring to a normal
> dns server that replicates to other secondary dns servers. AD dns works
> a little differently, all AD dns servers replicate dns records to each
> other and each AD DC is supposed to be authoritative for the dns domain,
> this does not happen if your first DC goes down when you are using the
> internal dns server. As an aside, my first DC shutdown for some reason,
> I didn't notice for a couple of hours, until I tried to 'ssh' into it, I
> didn't notice because *everything* else just kept working on my second DC

well, that's not the business of the SOA record
it's a matter of NS-records

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