[Samba] Need Samba4 to resolve DNS request of another network

Jules Houantonon juleshoueto at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 11:44:19 UTC 2016

Dear all,

i am working  to deploy Samba4 on our main and  remote sites.

Each DCs are seperate by a router. So they only have one network interface

Samba 4 on remote site should join existing Active Directory domain that is
implemented on the main site.
As we do not belong to the same network, i am  having dns request trouble
while i will try to join to the Domain.

DC on the remote site should be coonfigure with the first DC as nameservers
in /etc/resolv.conf

and host -t A DC1.samdom.example.com should reply as explain in samba wiki

Can anyone please provide me some advices or which precautions should i
take on the configuration of the internal DNS so that it should accept dns
request from the remote network.

This is my configuration : Samba version 4.2 / Centos 6.7/ Virtual machine
create with Vmware Workstation/ Pfsense install as router to simulate
remote site.

Thanks in advance


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