[Samba] Problems building Samba documentation

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun Feb 21 18:23:33 UTC 2016

Hello Miguel,

Am 21.02.2016 um 15:48 schrieb Miguel Medalha:
> I have no problem whatsoever compiling and Installing Samba.
> What fails is building the man pages, and it would be nice to have
> them as well. I did this on CentOS 7.

Was this directly on your first try? Have you renamed the sources folder
or changed it's location? I guess it's not finding the catalog.xml file
on the expected location and then trying to use one from the internet.

    bld.env.SAMBA_CATALOG = bld.srcnode.abspath() +
    bld.env.SAMBA_CATALOGS = 'file:///etc/xml/catalog
file:///usr/local/share/xml/catalog file://' + bld.env.SAMBA_CATALOG

Can you "make clean" and start over?


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