[Samba] Restoring single DC virtual machine

yvan.masson at openmailbox.org yvan.masson at openmailbox.org
Fri Feb 19 10:01:14 UTC 2016


I plan to install one Samba4 DC on a virtual machine to provide services 
less than 50 users:
  - centralized authentication on 2 or 3 Linux servers
  - LDAP authentication on an ownCloud server
  - I do not think that I will join Windows computers to the domain, but 
one day.

I know it is better to install more than one DC to have replication, but 
in a
so small setup, would it be possible to rely only on VM restoration in 
case of
a problem (physical server broken, wrong manipulation on AD LDAP…)?

I have read 
but it is still noted as a draft.
I have also read 
and it seems that the problems, when restoring a VM backup, comes only 
replication between DC.

This makes me think that it would be OK, but what do you think ?


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