[Samba] sudden change GID number on DC

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Feb 12 07:34:08 UTC 2016



I just noticed something strange with my group GID assignments. 


This happens on my  DC. 


I have my “Domain Admins”  “Domain Users” etc given a GID. 

(im using  ad backend )



getent group "domain admins" gives back. 


domain admins:x:3000008:administrator,admin


But this is fault..  that GID should be 10001 


Anyone noticed this also ? 


After installing the latest 4.2.8 sernet samba? 

I installed 4.2.8 on  5 Feb, before this didnt happen. 


On my member server its still ok.


getent group "Domain Admins"

domain admins:x:10001:admin,administrator


so something changed. 

Anyway, this is for me not a problem, but i what know what happend here or what changed in samba.

But it can explain why more people have problems with the groups and GIDs on the DC. 








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