[Samba] Samba 3.2 and Windows 10

ZeroUno zerozerounouno at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 10:45:50 UTC 2016

Il 06/02/16 02:40, Viktor Trojanovic ha scritto:

> On 05.02.2016 16:42, ZeroUno wrote:
>> Unfortunately the latest Samba version for Debian Lenny is 3.2.15 AFAIK.
> If you insist on using an outdated and lo longer supported platform, you
> can always build a newer version of Samba yourself.
> But before you do that, have a look here (courtesy of Google using
> "debian lenny samba 3.6"):
> http://ftp.sernet.de/pub/samba/3.6/debian/dists/lenny/main/

Thank you Viktor,
I already found those packages, but I'm afraid they can be custom 
versions which can maybe behave differently or else...:

- their names are all prefixed with "sernet-"
- looking on www.sernet.de I see the company "...provides its own Samba 
packages as SAMBA+ (formerly EnterpriseSAMBA up until version 4.2)"
- on the same web site I cannot find any official description or link 
for those packages.

Anyway, I hope I can upgrade that Debian server in time.


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