[Samba] Mounting a previously Windows (ntfs) file system

Graham S. Jarvis gsjarvis at advanz.lu
Fri Feb 5 23:37:29 UTC 2016


sorry it's taken a while.....

I took your advise and put a new server in and mounted the old share.

Question: what to do about directory structures and names that are so long on 
the old machine that on the new (FreeBSD) machine tar fails and at some point I 
can't 'cd' into the directories any more.
Interestingly if I connect via VPN, over the line, from my Ubuntu laptop I can 
use the file manager to go further down than 'cd' on FreeBSD in the mounted 
directory structure. ???

My question is - what to do so that I can bring all the files from the mounted 
smb file system onto the local FreeBSD file system.
If tar doesn't get deep enough I suppose rsync will fail as well (???)
- I don't have much experience with rsync.


Reindl Harald wrote on 29/01/16 14:06:
> Am 29.01.2016 um 13:33 schrieb Graham S. Jarvis:
>> I'm planning a conversion of a Windows server (SBS2011) to Samba.
>> All the user data files are already on a separate disc in the Windows
>> server and my idea is to unplug the Windows boot drive and plug in a
>> FreeBSD installation with Samba 3.6.25 running and tested on another
>> machine.
>> Fortunately it's a small installation and everybody is using the same
>> share on the Windows server.  Very little is stored by each user
>> separately.
>> I can mount the existing Windows data drive r/w with fusefs.
>> What should I look out for?
>> - I already had problems moving files from one disc to the other under
>> Windows because of a mix of historical clients (file names/paths too
>> long, permissions etc.)
>> Otherwise I add the FreeBSD server into the network and ask people to
>> move their files over manually to a new disc.
> i wouldn't mount NTFS on the new machine
> instead ask them to move the files to the new disc better ask for *copy* them 
> which automatically implies a consistent backup
> while when you say "small installation" - maybe mount the old server via cifs 
> on the new one, rsync the data and fire a script which cares about 
> permissions/ownership
> in the best case after that you give the old machine a different IP and the 
> new one get the known IP, hostname - we did that for our webservers automated 
> by switch from OSX to Linux (in that case even a stop services, rsync, 
> shutdown the old one and restart the network prepared to take over the 
> ip-addresses and so minimized downtimes, needs only some good plan and testing)

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