[Samba] Mac OS X and ACL's

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Feb 2 22:35:08 UTC 2016

On 02/02/16 21:31, David Thompson wrote:
> I've reverted my test box fs back to winbindd and taken sssd out of 
> the mix.
> I'd love some more help on this as its now faring better in testing 
> than sssd with the macs, however I can set the users to be looked up 
> but I'm having issues with having the names of the groups show up. It 
> seems to be working however its now showing the GIDs as opposed to the 
> group names.
> For instance
> digimag is now showing on the folder as 20008

Is this on the DC or the domain member ?
Are the groups in /etc/group or in AD, if in AD, does the group 
'digimag' have a gidNumber attribute contain '20008' ?. If in both, I 
would suggest removing from /etc/group
You could do worse than having a look here:


There is also a vfs module available for Macs, vfs_fruit, never used it 
myself (no apple machines) and I am not sure which version of Samba it 
first appeared in, but it is in the free version available from Sernet. 
You might like to investigate this vfs module.

> but if I do a chgrp to something else and then change it back it 
> digimag with chown -R digimag it shows up as the numberic association 
> and not the actual group name.
> I don't think its looking up the groups properly. Where would I look 
> for that. If I issue a wbinfo -g it returns all the groups properly as 
> does a getent group

Provided everything is set up correctly, it should work, perhaps your 
PAM isn't setup correctly.


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