[Samba] Cannot connect to Samab

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Dec 23 10:57:47 UTC 2016

Am 23.12.2016 um 05:29 schrieb John Serink via samba:
> I then tried from a bash prompt and get his:
> jserinki7 jserink # smbclient -L -U jserink -m SMB2
> Enter jserink's password:
> protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
> hosts allow = 192.168.100. 127.0.0.
> interfaces =
> bind interfaces only = yes

why in teh world are you *starting* with such nonsense configurations 
you obviosuly don't understand (otherwise you won't list CIDR masks in 
interface settings)?

* first you srtart with looking if the service is listening correctly
* second you try to connect with "telnet host port"
* and AFTER thatis successful you have a point to touch a native client

so what says "netstat --numeric-hosts --numeric-ports --programs -u -t 
-l" on the server?

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