[Samba] Change Password from Windows Native Interface

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Sun Dec 4 11:11:17 UTC 2016

Hi Scott,

Am 02.12.2016 um 06:55 schrieb Scott Mattan via samba:
> I am currently trying to get a Samba 4.5.1 environment set up for testing
> and I am unable to get samba to request a new password from a windows
> user.  The error that I get, is in Japanese, so I don't have the exact
> translation, however it is along the lines of...
> Your user password must be changed before logging in for the first time.
> I am currently using SambaDC (although my computer is not connected to the
> samba domain).

As far as I know, Windows only prompts for password changes when a
domain user logs into a domain workstation. If a domain user just access
a share from a none-domain-member machine only an error is shown and
access is denied.

Am 03.12.2016 um 18:53 schrieb Rowland Penny via samba:
> You also seem to have built the deprecated 'ntvfs' filesystem.

Yes, but he's not using it:
> server services = s3fs,...

If he would, Samba 4.5 would fail to start:


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