[Samba] Cannot map to other client shares

Dave Beach drbeach4 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 01:03:38 UTC 2016

I have had a very odd problem for a while now, and am hoping this will ring
a bell for someone who can point me in the right direction.


I had a previous Samba DC (v3.5.6) in my home network, running on a
command-line Slackware box. For a variety of reasons I decided to switch to
Debian Jessie, which included an upgrade to Samba 4.2.10.


I did NOT properly migrate my samba files to the new installation (more out
of stupidity than any conscious decision), and instead simply copied key old
files into the right places and, with a bit of tweaking and fixing here and
there, and copious amounts of duct tape, things generally seem to work well


Except for the following problems:


First, logging into the domain. From my Win7 clients, if I log in VERY
quickly after getting the Windows login screen, the login appears to be
successful (netlogon runs, server shares map, etc). If I wait any length of
time at all between getting the login screen and actually trying to log in,
I get a "lost trust" message and have to reboot and hover over the keyboard
to log in quickly. This will repeat itself reliably, unless I get the timing
exactly right (generally, if I can manage to type the username and password
before the standard Win7 "tada" greeting sound ends, I seem to be good).
Very odd.


Second, although once I log in I can map and access server shares just fine,
under no circumstances can I seem to access one Win7 client's local
workstation shares from another Win7 client. To be perhaps more clear, I
have on Client1 shared a particular folder. In the "old" domain I used to be
able to access this share from Client2, and now I cannot. I had originally
set permissions on the share and folder to "authenticated users", but I
cannot now access the share even with permissions set to "everyone". The
specific error message again refers to a lost trust issue.


I've obviously managed to screw something up, probably fundamentally with
the domain by not properly migrating it.


I would be sorely tempted to just drop and re-join the domain on the
workstations, except I'm very worried I'll lose the local user profiles on
the workstations (I only use local profiles). I was even more tempted to try
this when I created a new dummy workstation, joined the domain, and found
out that I can map its local workstation shares from Client1 (for example),
but I cannot map local shares on Client1 from the new dummy workstation.
This seems to prove that a workstation that joined the domain after its
migration is "fine" (and I use that word carefully), but workstations
already domain clients at the time of migration are not.


Any ideas? Can I post anything that might help pin down what this problem
is, and how to fix it?

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