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Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Apr 21 13:28:50 UTC 2016

On 21/04/16 13:44, cosme at crearq.co.cu wrote:
> Rowland, my language is Spanish but does not mean you do not understand
> the English but not like you, my goal is not to belittle his work on the
> contrary I like what you have echo and will continue doing. In the
> specific message that I do not also has worked for me.
> I assure you I have tried several times and using the manuals that come on
> the wiki but I could not solve, maybe I misspoke.
> You could tell me where to start or whether I mean the part because it
> does not update the DNS via DHCP with the reverse zone.
> My apologies to you and the team
> Leonidch
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> Asunto: Re: [Samba] Samba 4 more complete
> De:     "Rowland penny" <rpenny at samba.org>
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> On 21/04/16 12:37, cosme at crearq.co.cu wrote:
>> Hi team
>> Samba4 want to suggest that to have a more complete performance would be
>> good if the reverse zone default will be added and that the devices are
>> connected by DHCP to update you forward and reverse DNS zone.
> All this is hard to read, which I am putting down to English probably
> not being your first language.
> I think what you mean is, if you run Samba as an AD domain, it would be
> a good idea to create a reverse zone and even better, use DHCP to update
> your forward and reverse zones.
> If this is correct, have you used an internet website for information
> and if so, which website.
>> At least to my not me I worked, even using the bind9 compiled with support
>> for dlz.
> I think this means you cannot get it to work.
>> At least that part of me has failed me. Using Debian 8 samba4.4.2 and
>> bind9 & isc-dhcp-server from the repository.
> Well, it works for me, Devuan (debian 8 without systemd), Samba 4.4.2,
> Bind9 & DHCP
> Rowland
>> Regards
>> Leonidch

I understand that English is not your first language, what I was trying 
to find out was, what have you tried and what webpage (if any) did you 

I can assure you it does work (well it does for me) and if required, I 
will help you to get it working, but first I need to know what you have 
already tried.


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