[Samba] Permission denied on GPT.ini (Event ID 1058)

Sébastien Le Ray sebastien-samba at orniz.org
Mon Apr 18 10:46:15 UTC 2016


Le 18/04/2016 11:57, L.P.H. van Belle a écrit :
> Hai,
> Yeah, you have probely one of these 2 problems.  ( or both )
> 1)
> This is probely because your "computer" *(user)  does not have any acces.
> Recheck you permissions on the share and and folders for that specific policie.

Performed sysvolreset, checked access in Windows, all DC the same 
(authenticated users & enterprise DC can read, system, domain/enterprise 
admins have full control)

How do you explain that manual gpupdate /force works with no issue

Tried to leave/rejoin domain (with machine account deletion after leave) 
→ no change

> 2)
> Connections specific suffic and/or network suffic is wrong.
> Check if you pc is setup correct with dhcp.
> Ipconfig /all ( check these, and make sure you have "hybrib" (H-node)

Node type is hybrid. Wireshark show that DNS queries are performed 
against right suffices and does not show any DNS error

> This is not a samba problem but a configuration problem,
> or a corruption in you ip stack, (n	) can help also.
Done without success
> I've posted a link before this one, go throug it, here are multiple good options to check out.
> http://www.eventid.net/display-eventid-40960-source-LSASRV-eventno-8508-phase-1.htm

Yeah checked a good part of them with no success. This seems more like 
some random voodoo. And a good part of them involves configuration on 
windows DC…

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