[Samba] Trying to understand vfs_fruit's nfs_aces option

John Mulligan phlogistonjohn at asynchrono.us
Mon Sep 28 22:34:31 UTC 2015

Hello List,

My team and I have started testing out vfs_fruit to see if it helps us improve 
the directory browsing performance of Mac clients. After enabling it some of 
our tests began failing due to an "The permissions on x are incorrectly 
ordered" error on Windows. I chased it down to a behavior in vfs_fruit that is 
enabled by the fruit:nfs_aces config option. The manpage section for this 
option says:

> Whether support for querying and modifying the UNIX mode of 
> directory entries via NFS ACEs is enabled, default yes.

I took a brief look at the module's source and sure enough it looks to be 
appending 3 deny aces after the expected allow ace(s).

While I write this message we're retesting with fruit:nfs_aces set to no. 
Before we make any long-term decisions I was hoping someone with more 
knowledge about vfs_fruit could answer a few questions:

* How are Mac clients expected to interact with these additional aces?

* What downsides are there to simply setting fruit:nfs_aces to no all the 

* Since this seems pretty disruptive to the Windows clients, but yet is the 
default for fruit, is the expected use case for the fruit module to be used on 
different share from that of the Windows clients?

* The fruit module is listed before acl_xattr in my vfs objects line, this 
seems like the correct ordering to me but I figure since I'm writing this 
message, I'll double check.
I'm using Samba 4.2.4 along with acl_xattr and the Windows clients are Windows 
8 if that matters.

Thank You very much for your time.

--John M.

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