[Samba] Win10 client can not restore connections in AD environment

jd at ionica.lv jd at ionica.lv
Thu Sep 24 11:22:12 UTC 2015

Citēju jd at ionica.lv:

> Hi!
> I my network I have one computer with Win10 acquired through updates  
> (W7->W10) which has a problem with restoring the connections to the  
> Samba file server after being put in sleep mode or simple log-off.  
> If the computer is restarted, evrth is as expected.
> While having problem with re-connection to the Samba file server,  
> shares on other Windows workstations are accessible.
> Before upgrade to W10 specific workstation/user had no problems.
> My domain - Samba AD DC + Samba fileserver as domain member, W7-W10 clients.

it seemed at the begining that disabling of the support of IPV6 could  
help and it helped (once) - the user was able to logon to the  
workstation after logging off once.
The error message he receives sounds strange - either DC can not be  
found or that it is not possible to login twice from the same computer.


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