[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny241155 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 12:28:07 UTC 2015

On 23/09/15 13:09, mathias dufresne wrote:
> 2015-09-22 18:24 GMT+02:00 MORILLO Jordi <J.Morillo at educationetformation.fr>
> :
>> It's not comparable
>> Samba can also be compiled.
>> Just install dependency with yum or apt (see wiki) and juste ./configure
>> && make && make install
> Never just perform ./configure && make && make install.
> Never.

Why not ? it will put all the files in the place that the wiki expects 
them to be.

> Always do first:
> ./configure --help
> Then read.
> Then think.
> Most of times, re-read.
> Then you would run the configure script associated with chosen options.

What options would you want to change ? with the defaults you will get 
samba installed to /usr/local/samba and you can then use the 
installation to run samba however you like.

> Then you check what the script told you, dev put colorrs in logs, thanks to
> them.

Pardon? could you write that again, but in English

> Sometimes you would have to install missing stuff on system side to satisfy
> automagical dependencies.

If you install what the wiki tells you to, you shouldn't have to install 
anything else.

> Then re-run the script. Re-check,
> You are finally happy? Now you can run make && make install.
>> It's free but Just take little more time. Don't have to be a Unix guru ;-)
>> The pain is for converting existing DC install from sernet to source. By
>> default, path are not the same
> If you really did read configuration options proposed by this configure
> script, there is absolutely no pain switching from sernet version to a
> compiled one (hint: --enable-fhs).

I don't think '--enable-fhs' is enough

> Sorry about that but "./configure && make && make install" is not viable to
> obtain what you expected. It is the way to obtain the default binaries
> (which options?) in the default place (/usr/local but how things are
> organized in that folder?).

They are organised as expected by the wiki, but why does it matter how 
they are organised as long as the binaries know where things are.


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