[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Wed Sep 23 07:14:40 UTC 2015

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Am 22.09.15 um 18:51 schrieb oeh univie edv lists:
> Hey,
>> it´s obvious that not that much people build their own packages
>> because
> they don´t have the necessary experience.
> that would definitely be me. I struggle enough as a newbie and the
> idea of compiling and error solving afterwards makes me feel VERY
> uneasy... also I wouldn't know how to deal with no automatic
> updates...
> Before I read this thread, I wanted to install sernet samba because
> then I could have applied easily what I learned. (That's what I
> read: http://www.kania-online.de/fachbuecher/samba-4/ )
Yes, it will up to version 4.2
> Now I still I have no clue if I have to build from source or if I
> just can install the samba 4.1.17 package that comes with debian
> jessie. My environment should be as simple as possible, just 2 ADs,
> 1 file server, one backup machine, user logins, profiles that write
> back from clients to the server, home directories, quota, some
> shares, some network printers. maybe later on, but only if pressure
> exists from employees: VPN.
> So am I on the safe side to just install 4.1.17 or should I
> consider building from source? Can I have all the features I
> mentioned? Should I be concerned about security because I use
> 4.1.17 and not the newest (sernet)? If I have to build from source,
> please mention why, maybe I could avoid a feature to not have to
> compile...
> This setup is for a non-profit organisation... The decision to
> change to debian was costly-based (so hard to argue now to buy
> something except the hardware (please don't open another if it's
> fair or not discussion. thank you))....
> Also sernet 4.3 doesn't seem to be for jessie 
> https://shop.samba.plus/samba-/273/samba-1-jahr ... I could install
> free sernet 4.2 but then I would have to pay when I need
> updates....
> Ah and another question: Can I still use the install guide from 
> http://www.kania-online.de/fachbuecher/samba-4/ that was written
> for 4.1 sernet samba or should I use something else because 4.1
> sernet samba and 4.1 debian packaged samba differ a lot?
> Hope there are other newbies like me that may profit from your
> answers to my stupid questions.... (about the stupid: but I also
> think access to information should be low-threshold - not just
> dialogues between developers... to be honest: sometimes I have a
> hard time understanding what some of you say)
> birgit

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Stefan Kania

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