[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

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Tue Sep 22 16:51:07 UTC 2015


>it´s obvious that not that much people build their own packages because
they don´t have the necessary experience. 

that would definitely be me. I struggle enough as a newbie and the idea of
compiling and error solving afterwards makes me feel VERY uneasy... also I
wouldn't know how to deal with no automatic updates...

Before I read this thread, I wanted to install sernet samba because then I
could have applied easily what I learned. (That's what I read:
http://www.kania-online.de/fachbuecher/samba-4/ ) 

Now I still I have no clue if I have to build from source or if I just can
install the samba 4.1.17 package that comes with debian jessie. My
environment should be as simple as possible, just 2 ADs, 1 file server,
one backup machine, user logins, profiles that write back from clients to
the server, home directories, quota, some shares, some network printers.
maybe later on, but only if pressure exists from employees: VPN.

So am I on the safe side to just install 4.1.17 or should I consider
building from source? Can I have all the features I mentioned? Should I be
concerned about security because I use 4.1.17 and not the newest (sernet)?
 If I have to build from source, please mention why, maybe I could avoid a
feature to not have to compile...

This setup is for a non-profit organisation... The decision to change to
debian was costly-based (so hard to argue now to buy something except the
hardware (please don't open another if it's fair or not discussion. thank

Also sernet 4.3 doesn't seem to be for jessie
https://shop.samba.plus/samba-/273/samba-1-jahr ... I could install free
sernet 4.2 but then I would have to pay when I need updates....

Ah and another question: Can I still use the install guide from
http://www.kania-online.de/fachbuecher/samba-4/ that was written for 4.1
sernet samba or should I use something else because 4.1 sernet samba and
4.1 debian packaged samba differ a lot?

Hope there are other newbies like me that may profit from your answers to
my stupid questions.... (about the stupid: but I also think access to
information should be low-threshold - not just dialogues between
developers... to be honest: sometimes I have a hard time understanding
what some of you say)


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