[Samba] Sernet 4.3.X package is no longer free :/

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Sep 21 12:35:52 UTC 2015

Totaly agree on below, going to work a samba-community package, which is the about same setup as the sernet or debian packages, with some extra things which are missing in the sernet packages itselfs. 
Like the predefined winbind pam settings, so (in debian) we can use 

I also want to put the compiling set on github, so everybody can add patches to it. The debian install scripts i made will also be there in time.

Im changing my script to a layout like. 

	=> detects os and version, get the needed include files for that.
	=> select samba package, (based on the OS detect and choose option) 
		=> debian original
		=> debian backports
		=> debian sernet (4.1/4.2) only
		=> compile latest (based on git master)
			=> compile op production server. 
				=> if no, create repo for other servers.
				=> setup apache etc.. 
	=> selection for ADDC single server, home shares on ADDC. 
	=> selection for ADDC multiple servers, no shares on the DC's
		=> select sysvol sync type. 
	=> Samba AD selected, RFC2307 IDMAP BACKEND. AD or RID ?
	=> selection for standalone server ( shares with open access ) 
	=> selection for member server (base)
		=> selection fileserver
		=> selection print server
		=> selection for proxy server
			=> authorisation types selection.
	=> nfsv4 option for home shares
	=> enable ssh logins with the windows users, (tested with putty)
	=> setup dhcp server.

	=> create config file for install replay. 
	=> install

	=> Options setup, Zarafa mailserver.
	=> etc.. 

This is basicly the layout im working to and all i have running somewhere.
Lots of code is already there somewere.. 
For now im to busy, so no changing the scripts atm, i have first my work todo here. 
Hope the main things are done in about 1 month, then i can make time to work
on the scripts and put them on github and add needed info to my website. 

And i hope that when this goes up, the mailing users are all helping out in 
improving the above scripts.  

I know much but i dont know everything.. 

Ow and this is NOT flaming to sernet, but just a attempt to get less questions in the mailing and improve samba support. 




> Perhaps, we - the mailing list users - should work together to define a
> standard way to compile... No idea about how complex this would be...
> This would address to lost of Sernet packages and we also could provide
> link to the compilation wiki page to users who compiled their Samba in a
> rush (sometimes even without proceeding to ./configure --help)

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