[Samba] [SOLVED] Re: Classic PDC appears to revert to guest login on Samba 4

tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk
Mon Sep 14 07:32:50 UTC 2015

On 13/09/15 09:15, tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk wrote:
> So, I can log on correctly and also map shares after logon just fine,
> including my [home] share. So this problem appears to be solely an issue
> with my [netlogon]
> /home/netlogon/logon.bat:
> rem @echo off
> net time \\fleet /set /yes
> net use /persistent:no
> net use * /delete /y
> if "%username%"=="administrator" goto p1
> net use h: \\fleet\%username%
> goto p2
> :p1
> net use h: \\fleet\root
> :p2
> h:\logon.bat
> (everything root.root, everyone has read permissions). Looking for some
> little change in the smb.conf docs between 3.6 and 4.2!



chmod 755 /home/netlogon/logon.bat

fixed the problem (executable bit on logon script was not required in 
Samba pre version 4).


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