[Samba] Classic PDC appears to revert to guest login on Samba 4

tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk tda at ls83.eclipse.co.uk
Sun Sep 13 08:15:00 UTC 2015


On 12/09/15 09:42, Rowland Penny wrote:

> How did you do the upgrade ? what I mean is, did you upgrade the OS as
> well, or did you just upgrade samba and if so how.

Just upgraded the server from Debian Wheezy to Jessie, which replaced 
Samba 3.6 with 4.2.

> I think you are correct in your assumption, there is this in your log
> fragment:
> mapped user is: [NTDOMAIN]\[]@[DELL]
> Note that the whilst the domain is mapped, there is no username.

Yes. That's what I was focussing on but I now think it's not the issue. 
Whacking log level up to 10 I do see the user. I think the 
[NTDOMAIN]\[]@[DELL] may have been related to the

guest ok = yes

in [printers]

So, I can log on correctly and also map shares after logon just fine, 
including my [home] share. So this problem appears to be solely an issue 
with my [netlogon]


rem @echo off
net time \\fleet /set /yes
net use /persistent:no
net use * /delete /y
if "%username%"=="administrator" goto p1
net use h: \\fleet\%username%
goto p2
net use h: \\fleet\root

(everything root.root, everyone has read permissions). Looking for some 
little change in the smb.conf docs between 3.6 and 4.2!

> A couple of things you could try, add 'map to guest = bad user' to
> smb.conf and restart, this will not cure the problem, but it may get the
> shares mapped. The other thing you could try, remove the 'server role'
> line, you do not need it, the only 'server role' that works at present
> is being an AD DC.

Yes, tried both those but now don't think they're related to the issue.


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