[Samba] Accidentially upgraded production DC to git master branch

Pinja-Liina Jalkanen pinja-liina.jalkanen at vihreat.fi
Thu Sep 10 12:06:16 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I've a domain with two DCs that run Samba. Let's call them Primary and
Secondary. Primary holds all the FSMO roles.

Just a few minutes ago I thought that both machines were running Samba
4.2.3. But then, to my horror, I realised that that wasn't the case on

	~# samba --version
	Version 4.4.0pre1-GIT-1fcad53

So I've accidentially installed a development version of Samba on a
production machine, and not even realised it for a month, because there
hasn't been any problems.

Secondary runs 4.2.3, as Primary should have been.

I want to return to a supported version of Samba, whatever it is (4.2 or
4.3). What is the right way to remedy this? Do I have to demote Primary
and re-join it, or would it be safe to just downgrade Primary to, say,

As far as I know I currently have no replication or other problems, but
with Primary running whatever was bleeding edge a month ago, my current
situation feels precarious at best.

Any suggestions?

Pinja-Liina Jalkanen
Vihreät / De Gröna

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