[Samba] internal DNS with Samba4 AD is losing A records

Christiane Baier baier at uni-trier.de
Tue Sep 8 09:31:25 UTC 2015


Hi there, 

we moved our Windows 2008 AD to a Samba4 DC/AD on ubuntu 14.04 with
Samba 4.1 packages from sernet. We don't have a Windows DC any more.
Everything works well, except that our DNS is losing A records over
night. Adding them with 

samba-tool dns add ourdomain.de PCHV2 A <ip> -Uadministrator 

works and displays the message 'Record added successfully', but the next
day added record is gone. DNS replication between both linux Samba DC is

samba-tool dns query localhost ourdomain.de @ ALL -U administrator 

shows the same entries on both servers. 

PTR Records do not change. It's only the A records which can't be added

What am I missing here? 

Kind Regards 


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