[Samba] Cups printers autoloading and windows drivers

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>>>> Onderwerp: [Samba] Cups printers autoloading and windows drivers
>>>> Hello samba team !
>>>> I have configured a samba4 printer with CUPS as backend. And I have
>>>> enabled the "load printers = yes" option in smb.conf.
>>>> Nearly everything works well !
>>>> -> Samba detect the CUPS printers
>>>> -> The printers appear automatically in the "printers" share
>>>> -> On windows 7 I can add the server the printmanagement.msc and I see
>>>> the printers
>>>> -> I can upload drivers to samba with printmanagement.msc and the
>>>> "print$" share works
>>>> -> The windows client see that a driver is uploaded
>>>> But I can't get the printing work on the client. When the print jobs
>>>> are send I have many errors on the client or sometimes nothings
>>>> appens. I don't know how configure the drivers for the clients. I have
>>>> tried to upload the "HP universal postscript driver" and the "Epson
>>>> universal driver" and no one works from the clients.
>>>> What type of driver I need to use when samba is configured with CUPS
>>>> as backend ? A generic postscript driver ?
>>>> I have an error in printmanagement.msc when I associate the driver
>>>> with the printer. Do you think that this is due to the "load printers
>>>> = yes" option ? After the error message the drivers seems correctly
>>>> associated.
>>>> How configure the clients when the "load printers = yes" is set on the
>>>> server ?
>>>> Can someone help me ?
>>>> Excuse my English. Thanks.
>>>> Baptiste.
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>> 2015-09-04 15:01 GMT+02:00 L.P.H. van Belle <belle at bazuin.nl>:
>>> Hai,
>>> A few basic steps to setup a dedicated print server with samba 4 and cups.
>>> I used debian Jessie in this case with sernet samba 4.2.3
>>> I had some problems with 4.1.17 on debian, messed up some printernames after driver uploads when i corrected them after.
>>> My steps.
>>> 1) Install a normal samba4 member server.
>>> 2) setup your printers in cups and let them print to the 9100 port.
>>>        Send a test page from cups.
>>> 3) setup the print part in samba something like this.
>>> ----added for printering BEGIN -------------
>>>    ## Enabling spoolssd
>>>    rpc_server:spoolss = external
>>>    rpc_daemon:spoolssd = fork
>>>    spoolssd:prefork_min_children = 5
>>>    spoolssd:prefork_max_children = 25
>>>    spoolssd:prefork_spawn_rate = 5
>>>    spoolssd:prefork_max_allowed_clients = 100
>>>    spoolssd:prefork_child_min_life = 60
>>> [printers]
>>>   comment = All Printers
>>>   path = /home/samba/printing/spool
>>>   browseable = no
>>>   printable = yes
>>>   printing = CUPS
>>>   acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes
>>> # Windows clients look for this share name as a source of downloadable
>>> # printer drivers
>>> [print$]
>>>   comment = Printer Drivers
>>> #   path = /var/lib/samba/printers
>>>   path = /home/samba/printing/drivers
>>>   browseable = yes
>>>   read only = yes
>>>   guest ok = no
>>>   write list = root, @"Domain Admins"
>>>   acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes
>>> ----added for printering END -------------
>>> In debian, i did add my windows admin to the lpadmin Group.
>>> Just add : adduser admin lpadmin.
>>> I added the PCL6 universal drivers with the Print management tool.
>>> Yes, you get can get an error when you assing it, just ignore it.
>>> When the drivers are uploaded and linked the the printer, use any pc, login as administrator, and configure the printer settings, these be set on the clients.
>>> Yes, took me also some time to figure this one out, but Works fine now.
>>> And.. this is (almost) all on the wiki.
>>> Greetz,
>>> Louis
>> Hi Louis ! Thank you very much for your help !
>> The only difference between my configuration and yours is that I use
>> "load printers = yes" and that my server is a primary domain
>> controleur not a domain member.
>> My windows administrator "administrator" is mapped to "root" so y
>> think that it's useless in my case to add it to the lpadmin group.
>> Can you give me where to find your universal PCL6 drivers ? You use
>> the HP one ? Even on EPSON printers ?
>> Thanks again !
>> Baptiste.
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2015-09-05 14:18 GMT+02:00 L.P.H. van Belle <belle at bazuin.nl>:
> hai..
> if you are asked for a password when adding printers. add administrator to lpadmin
> i used regular hp drivers from the hp website. use the hp park util to preconfigure your driver.
> if you disable snmp you wont get an error when attaching the driver to the printer . when print manager is used but you can ignore the error. it all works fine.
> and no i use hp drivers for my hp printers.
> if you want to do that try the windows hp laserjet 4 driver.
> for the epson driver i have to know your printer model, ill can check i for you.. after the weekend..
> not all drivers/printer wil work, this has to do with the hardware of the printer.. but with some tricks its all possible..
> greetz
> louis

Thank you again Louis !

I have tried with the standard Espon drivers but the printing is still
very buggy. I can't understand if the problem come from, the windows
client, the samba server or the cups server. I have some questions :

1) When you push the driver to samba. You need to first install the
driver on one client. During the install the driver query the printer
port to configure the printer on the client. At this stage I set
voluntary a non existing port like "parallel1" because I think that I
only need to push the driver files. I'am right ? Or did I need to
correctly configure the client to use the samba port when installing
the driver to the first client ?

2) My CUPS server is not used only by Samba. I have many Linux
clients. So I have not set the CUPS printer's drivers to "RAW" but
with the correct PPD drivers (PS3 or Foomatic/PostScipt). The printers
work from the linux client. Is this a problem for Samba to set the
driver in CUPS ?

3) When you send print jobs from your Windows clients by Samba->Cups.
Is the jobs appearing on the CUPS web page ? When you query "ended
jobs" ?

Thank you very much !


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