[Samba] Thunderbird address book issue

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Thu Sep 3 03:10:51 UTC 2015

Just for clarity, when I refer to the uid I'm talking about the openldap 
field prior to being imported into Samba 4. I notice that it gets 
stripped out during the migration and the Thunderbird address book is in 
fact displaying the cn, not the uid.


On 03/09/15 12:07, John Gardeniers wrote:
> This may be off-topic, as it's only indirectly related to Samba 4 but 
> perhaps others here have already solved this.
> While testing Samba 4 I've come across a rather annoying little issue 
> when preforming an LDAP address book lookup from Thunderbird. The 
> display name in the address book does not match the display name in 
> ADUC. It appears that the Thunderbird address book is using the uid 
> field instead of the displayName field, as it does when using openldap.
> Does anyone here have a workaround for this issue that doesn't involve 
> changing the uid for every user? We use the uid field for other 
> purposes and really don't want to change it if there's another 
> alternative.
> regards,
> John

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