[Samba] Thunderbird address book issue

John Gardeniers jgardeniers at objectmastery.com
Thu Sep 3 02:07:11 UTC 2015

This may be off-topic, as it's only indirectly related to Samba 4 but 
perhaps others here have already solved this.

While testing Samba 4 I've come across a rather annoying little issue 
when preforming an LDAP address book lookup from Thunderbird. The 
display name in the address book does not match the display name in 
ADUC. It appears that the Thunderbird address book is using the uid 
field instead of the displayName field, as it does when using openldap.

Does anyone here have a workaround for this issue that doesn't involve 
changing the uid for every user? We use the uid field for other purposes 
and really don't want to change it if there's another alternative.


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